No Smoking Day
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2 weeks dusted

:) very happy. It feels like a long time ago since my last cig, im beginning to forget what it feels like tbh how weird is that lol! I did have a couple of pangs today, first day at Uni and sort of felt normal for me to go and spark up on breaks, but it was forgotten about in 30 seconds.

Im using my spray an awful lot last couple of days..need to sort that out really. Im gonna wait until i got a couple of chill days where i having nothing big on and just stop using it, i think i will have some big cravings then so i wanna make life easy for myself. Main thing is i have done some of big psyschological hurdles now so i have faith i wont cry..this time! :D

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2 weeks is brilliant. Well done, Nikki! Do whatever you need to get though the craves. Quitting can be hard at times, so you need to treat yourself kindly and have some nice little rewards lined up. :) Keep up the good work, Nikki, you can beat this thing!



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