No Smoking Day
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Day 2 update

Morning non smokers

I was going to post this earlier but pesky work got in the way lol.

So far so good. I have had some smoking thoughts, bordering on craves, but I have just been getting in with it. I have my spray in my pocket and so far have not felt the need to use it - but I'm not going to make the same mistake twice and if I do get a really bad urge (as in unbearable) I will use the spray before I dare think of using anything else.

Hope everyone is feeling good this morning!!!

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yeah day 2

Great to see you sounding so positive hun :) and yep having a back up to help you win this battle is the best way forward

plus you also have everyone here helping you to soldier through it

onwards and upwards is the only way to go

sending hugs your way ((*)) x


Hang in there Mark, remember smoking doesn't solve anything - if it did everyone would do it!!


Lunch time update:

It's incredible how quickly I was pulled back in.

I am not long finished my lunch and I must admit I have a bit of an urge. It isn't enough to send me potty so I am holding off on using the spray. I think I am finally seeing the nicotine trap for what it is.

At this stage though I refuse to take anything for granted. Saturday is still fresh in my mind and I refuse to repeat. I am adopting the mantra of one hour at a time and holding to the knowledge that I can always use my spray if I really need to.


Well done

I have been using patches for a week now and even got through the weekend with a few drinks with smoking friends!

No need to struggle when there is NRT to help. Once the habbit is broken, reducing the patches will be easier. So if you need a spray then use it, if it keeps you off the cigs.



you have done it once and you will do it again! you know having a fag was not worth it so your ok now, now biggy to have a blip in road!

your doing marvalous keep it up! xxx


Getting through the craves is a part of the journey to smokefreeness; just take each one as it comes and find your best way to deal with it. You only have to deal with one crave at a time! :)

Look at your previous quit as a short "warm up" for the real thing....the real thing is happening NOW and how exciting is that, eh? :D

Keep us posted!




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