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Day 9!


Made it through to Day 9! Feeling really good, haven't been as moody as the first week..and I can happily sit with smokers and be fine, I dont even want one. It feels like I've never smoked that's how good I feel about it. I am not stressing about it one bit. I feel very relaxed!

I do get the odd - I am bored I want one - but it lasts for about 1 minute then I am over it - whereas before it was lasting 10 or so minutes lol.

I have barely touched the NRT for the last couple of days, and last time I did I got bit dizzy (like when you go without smoking for a few days) so I dont even want that now.

What I have noticed is my gums gone pretty yuck - I am not sure if thats just body cleaning itself but its ewwwy. Hopefully with a lot of listerine it'll come good soon. :p

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That's fab, massive well done for being with smokers and not being tempted - you've got your mind in the right plce :D

Well done on your 9 days, adria! Gums can bleed a bit as the blood supply to them improves once you've quit. But it doesn't last was only a few days for me and I was just a bit more gentle with my brushing.

Once you get past that, your whole mouth will just feel so much nicer and fresher and food will taste so much more yummy! So keep up the good work and you will just feel better and better with every smoke-free day that passes!



Thanks all! I have been doing what you said and gums are already improving not as bad now. Still more sore than anything else but it's getting there.:D It's actually a good reminder seeing what I've done to my body if anything! It pushes the thoughts of smoking further and further away!

Thankfully this information and support is available so we know what to expect!

Everything is tasting SO good!!!!

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