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day 5 almost done woop



I'm Natters and very happy to have nearly completed day 5-- almost feel like I should be in the BB house!! have that jordy voice in my head every day...

second time quitting ,last year followed all you dudes and the advice, support and knowing other people were going through a similar hell helped me through. I quit for 7 months, but went back on the fags after being made redundant.. (ive smoked for 22 years around 20 rolies a day)

so here i am again day 6 and decided to join in.. its been a rough few days.. fallen out with a very good friend, cried at kids films and drank enough wine to sink a small ship.. but haven't smoked..woop woop. will sort the wine situation out tomorrow.. just wanted to say Hiya.. and it feels ****** ace to be smoke free.. xxxx

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Thanks for the support Kat it really does mean a lot.

yeah first week really is a killer! dont ever wanna do that again thats for sure! now all you need to do is remeber your are picking the better of two options in life so why would you go back to the booby prize?

well done keep up the good smoke free work :D xx

Well done on your 5 days, feels good, doesn't it!:D That feeling will just get better and better all the time, as long as you stay free from disgusting fags, so keep up the good work!:)


thanks for the great advice and encouragement. :)

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