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No Smoking Day
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Back to day 1

So the last quit didn't take. Made it onto day 13 and failed. The big difference this time is that I have now got back on the horse on what would have been day 14. I am planning this time to post regular updates, rather than the occasional ones I was posting before.

I have bought a spray and will use it if I need be.

I am not looking at yesterday as a failure, but as a lesson. I will check in later and let you all know how tonight goes. It may have taken a while (and a few harsh, expensive lessons) but I am determined to get free no matter what it takes.

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Respect to you Mark for bouncing up, dusting off and jumping on that horse. You'll be back at the end of a fortnight again in no time at all good luck.



Thanks Paul. Really wanted to avoid the whole thing of falling and staying down. I'll put it down to experience and carry on.


well done for comming back so soon, you clearly have the determination to do this!

If it wasnt for those moments of giving in to the nicodemon then you wouldnt know how badly you want it! Ive tried for two years mate and im sure alot of people on here have done the same! Its those moments you remember when the going gets tough and you think 'if i do have this fag, ill only wanna quit again after so what the point'?

use this as fuel to your fire and i KNOW you will do it xx


Hey Mark

So happy to hear your not letting what happened yesterday keep you down

You will get there hun x


Thanks guys. So far so good. I haven't had a craving so far, had a couple of thoughts but no actual urges. Haven't had to use the spray yet. I'm not taking it for granted as I know how easily an urge can sneak up on you but so far I am happy to report everything is okay.

I'll post again tomorrow morning in day 2 all being well. Have a good smoke free night everyone and thank you all very much for the words of encouragement!!!:D:D:D


You're so correct in saying it's a lesson not a failure. Don't beat yourself up dust off and start again.

Keep us posted! and best of luck!


Good luck mate - yours is the best attitude, learn from the fail and you'll make it this time


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