No Smoking Day
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Day 13 - first time drunk as a non smoker EVER

Thank god i made it! You wouldnt believe the big fat smile on my face when i got into bed (hammered) without touching a cigerette all night :D:D:D Big mile stone for me, the biggest actually.

I was so nervous all day, determined, but nervous as i just didnt know how i would be. When i got to my friends i just decided to go straight in a pour a drink and just get the night rolling. the alcahol actually relaxed me and got rid of my nervousness! there was no oh i wish i was smoking with my friends, if anything i found it abit inconvieniant we had to keep going outside lol!

I knew if i could get through one night i would be fine for next time. Im so happy.

Truth is - I dont miss smoking at all.

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WooHoo.. congrats Nikki!! More money to spend on Vodka!! :D


Im a malibu girl myself ;) ha ha!

Yup Nicodemon can go suck it! I dont need him anymore than i need a poke in the eye! xxx


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