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B....y husbands

Tracey here just have the need to really rant, the other day I asked a question re patch, got great advice about chopping them down, of which thought great advice and started to do so, any way hubby comes in from work, and I show him patch with quater cut off, thought he would say well done, oh no not him , he says save the quarters and stick them b...dy back on, b...dy livd , and here I am six weeks tomorrow so furious, any way rant done , thanks for looking tracey, ps you all have been a good support,

and while on rant, my hubby decided to stop smoking around ten years ago, he was in hospital with kidney stones, and as he named the guy in the next bed frank , frank died with coughing and that was enough for him, cannot believe he would say that , sorry for the rant tracey

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