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The Firing Squad

Well Its been 9 weeks as a non-smoker and I am loving it! Yesterday I read a few people were struggling which I was sorry to here, that's all I can say is the reasons you decided to quit are still there! It's understandable that we struggle from time to time because nicotine is a very powerful drug, and it gnaws away at your brain to get you to light up.

Well if standing in front of a firing squad they had run out of bullets would you say to them hang on I have a packet of 10 bullet's here the only problem is it will take a while to kill me no of course you wouldn't, but yet when we were smoking that's exactly what we were doing! So good luck to everyone about to go on this wonderful journey, and to the one's already on it, be of good heart because the rewards are great, and you will have a longer and healthier life.

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Well done on nine weeks, Rex. It's good to hear that you are lovin' it!

It's only when you step away from it, that you can see the tricks that nicotine played on you to keep you addicted. It truly is an evil drug.

So glad you've kicked his ass, Rex.......I get the feeling from your posts that the nicodemon doesn't stand even the remotest chance of getting you back into his evil and smelly clutches!:D:D




Well done Rex, an amazing achievement and marvellously positive post for the newbies, I salute you sir :)


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