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Day 10 - wanting a smoke today

Hey, very happy to be on day 10 :D good stuff.

Im using my spray probably more than i should today. Im trying dresses on for saturday and my belly has grown quite a bit lol but i dont weigh anymore which is odd. anyways this made me miss smoking. Some how i assiciate smoking with being thin.

Its stupid because my skin looks better and hair and i smell nice now so i actually look better physically, but for some reason i keep thinking ill look better if i smoke?? crazy! Ultimately its not as if i have been ultra lean as a smoker and now ive jumped 2 sizes but this is proberly the only thing pulling me back to smoke. and for one second in my head it made sense to start it up again lol instantly followed by your nutts just have a spray woman.

Im upset with the amount ive been using my spray as well as i feel like im taking step backwards with the nicotine addiction, but out of the fags and that i would rather have the spray, and it feels like im having best of both worlds, no real suffering and not smoking. but i think this is also making it easier for my justify smoking, which is why i wanted to do cold turkey in first place! :mad:

god. what a pickle. sorry for rant just need to get it out there :rolleyes:

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Don't worry about the spray too much, if you're using it when you have to then it's fine. You're breaking the smoking habit which is the main thing. Lots better to use that, than cave and smoke.


Your doing fabulously, and the spray is definitely better than a cig! :)


One thing at a time Nikki. You are doing fantastic. As long as you are not smoking then it doesn't matter what you do - the outcome is the important thing. You can work on breaking the addiction to nicotine later but in the meantime stay proud of what you have achieved. You are doing so well!!!

Congrats on day 10!!!!!


I think sometimes people get too hung up on quitting nicotine. Yes at some stage you need to quit it but its early days so just keeping off the cigs is all that matters. If the nicotine keeps you from smoking all is good. It took me about 3 months to completely quit nicotine gum.

You will know when the time is right to reduce or quit the nicotine.

Come on Nikki this is your time. Don't worry about the side effects, you can sort all that when you are over the fags



thanks everyone makes me feel alot better :)

my mum had a sneaky fag in the kitchen. how did i know. the stench! pee-yew! I dread to think what the house used to smell like, me and mum were like patty and selma on simpsons lol! x


Max you will be happy to know that i have NOT touched an ecig once in my quit! for some reason even that doesnt appeal to me - very odd things going on with me in this quit - I really feel at the moment i wont ever go back. Early days though so at the moment its one day at a time.


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