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NRT Advice Needed


I really need some advice here, I think I know what I should be doing next, but I could do with other peoples thoughts.

I have been back and forth to the doctors for smoking cessation since the end of July and have been using patches. I had 6 weeks on the 25mg, and at the beginning of September stepped down to the 15mg ones.

Now either last Sunday or it could have been Monday, I completely forgot to put one on, I also forgot the next day and then realized I had nearly done 48 hours without a patch. Since then I have been unsure as to whether or not I should put one back on as now it is either my 4th or 5th day nicotine free, as I'm not using the spray.

I have to admit that whilst not wearing the patch I have had more cravings, and have been very fidgety, I also suddenly feel a bit insecure and scared of being without nicotine for some reason!

I think what I'm wondering is do I go back to using the patches and continue my smoking cessation programme that the doctors have given me ( If I did this I would have 2 more weeks on 15mg and then another 2 weeks on 10mg patches). Or would it be silly to go back to patches when I have done 4 or 5 days without?


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That's entirely up to you, 4-5 days in you should be nicotine free, so going back onto the patch will obviously reintroduce you to it.

If you feel you can cope patchless then that's fab, keep the spray handy for emergencies (like it's that or a fag) and give it a go - don't beat yourself up if you do need the spray though - but if you don't think you're going to cope you can pop a patch back on.


I agree with Gemma on this one. It has to be your decision. Whatever you decide is the right thing for you is the best thing to do. Whatever you do decide you have the support of all on this forum.


On the one hand, the nicotine is out of your system but on the other your brain feels safer with the patch. It's a bit like a security blanket. There's a lot more to quitting than being free of nicotine. You do whatever feels right for you. There are no hard and fast rules about the length of time you should be on NRT. Go with your instincts.


Hi Abbi, it's a personal choice, there's no right or wrong answer here, just a decision that you're comfortable with as others have suggested.

My view (and it's only my view) is that you have to successfully ditch NRT at some point for a quit to be successful, and the sooner the better. Yes you'll feel many of the cold turkey symptoms if you do, but trust me they diminish in a fairly predictable way. And insecurity and fear are natural emotions but be proud enough to overcome them. If you can, then leave alone and get rid, if you still feel that you need the patch then that's ok too.

Why not try seeing how many days you can go without using one, a day at a time?

all in my humble opinion of course :)


Good advice from Hawkeye. If you really need a patch you can slap it on and no harm done.


Thanks everyone! Your comments are much appreciated and have helped me sort out my muddled brain!

I have decided to keep go without the patches and taske it one day at a time - but keep them close by just incase I need them! I was beginning to feel that if I went back to the patch or spray now I would have failed on becoming nicotine free, but I know full well that slapping on a patch or having a squirt of spray is definitely much better than having a cig!

I think I've got in a bit of a tizz because as Una said - my brain feels safer with a patch on!


Hi Abbi,

The biggest challenge is the mental battle. Do whatever your brain feels comfortable with :P anything is better than having a cig.

I was comfortable in having the lozenges in the beginning, but once you beat the mental side of it, you wont need them. I'm almost a week NRT free and I honestly don't want it or feel like nicotine.


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