No Smoking Day
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On day 11 of not smoking

I am so glad to be in double digits. I must admit though that I could have very easily had a smoke the last couple of nights but my determination won't let me. My OH smokes (so no relief when I stay there) and I have nearly 20 cigarettes at home. I don't want to completely waste the money and throw them out so the next time I'm at home and heading to see a smoking friend I will get rid of them. I don't want to have them and although I would like to see everybody quit I know it's s personal thing for people and I would rather save someone a couple of £ than throw them in the bin.

Anyway, my stats so far (screenshot taken from my personal favourite app. Other apps are available in a similar price range lol)


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Fab news Mark, I'm so glad you have stuck to your guns and not given in to the evil demon, it's also nice to hear you are also strong enough to ignore the pull of temptation with ciggies in the house. You are doing so well, congrats


Well done on double digits! You are doing amazingly. I like that app, much more info than the one I use!


lol i like the picture of the nice pink lungs on your app, does make this journey that bit more humorous :D

Well done thats amazing! xx


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