No Smoking Day
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Day 10

Ok day 10.

Today was the first time I saw someone smoking and the mere smell of it made me wretch, it was down right nasty.

I couldn't envision having another cigarette after that, and the ironic thing was I was shopping in Sainsburys getting some severe rage walking round that place thinking a cigarette would make this world better only to come out and be confronted but that.

Funny how your brain thinks one thing and you body think another.

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lol i had a sniff of a fag earlier, my mum was smoking in her new smoking room (utility room) and i thought i would open the door to see my reaction to the fag...which was shut the door again because it stank! EWW! :(

everytime you get this moment you should say 'thank god thats over!' it feels great :D

Its amazing how the oh so precious one turns into ew that horrible thing!? no thanks!


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