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No Smoking Day
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Day 11

Wow, haven't posted on her for a while! Thought I'd give it some time and then post as opposed to daily posts which probably won't be as through, and more importantly, won't allow me to tap into my feelings. I've always been one for Time and Distance as a good healing tool.

So how am I? Hows it been? Has the sky always been blue? So many questions, so little time.. well actually typing this during work hours so guess I have time :D

First things first, Since the 7th September which was my 'quit cigs, smoke e-cig' day, I admit I have smoked a couple of cigarettes on top of my e-cig, about 6, no more than 1 per day. #Fail. However, these weren't smoked during my working hours. They were smoked last thing that day if that makes sense, lets call it before bed. Yup.

Even though I have smoked, I am proud of myself for not smoking during the day. During the day its been the e-cig (I'll come back to the e-cig later). So I am on my way to permanently changing my morning/afternoon cigarette routine. I know I can do it and I can feel it, having my e-cig in the morning is becoming the norm, and in hopefully in another week (or 2) if I keep it up then it'll have completely replaced my smoking habit.

The only work I have to do is on the odd cigarette that I have been having. I feel as though I am a closet smoker again lol but seriously if anyone read one of my previous posts, I talked about how I started slipping when I quit last time (Dec 11 - May 12). So I need to focus my mind on the E-cig replacage.

Cravings/E-Cig Satisfaction:

To be honest, I have found the e-cig satifying. I haven'd had any withdrawal symptons such as "anxiety, depression, feelings of restlessness or frustration, headaches, an increase in appetite and difficulty concentrating" (Source Wikipedia copy and paste job)...... Which I find alarming...

This can only mean that I've been taking in the right amount of nicotine or more from my e-cig. Seriously guys, I've had nothing! Ok ok, lets do some maths:

The current e-cig nicotine liquid I have is the so called medium one which is 18mg. So that means that for each ML of liquid there is 18mg of Nicotine. I usually smoked Marlboro Gold which has 0.5mg of Nicotine per Cigarette and I smoked max 10 a day. So that means I took in 5mg of Nicotine a day..


I go through a 1.8ml of liquid (full E-cig tank) in 2 days. so thats 0.9 in one day, round that of to 1ml a day at 18mg.

So basically I've been taking in almost 4 times my usual dose of nicotine per day. LMAO. ****ING HELL.:eek: No wonder I've been withdrawal free. I've been withdrawl, CO2 and Tar free! Well I guess thats one way to start of with in a oops kindda way.

And that explains why I've had no weight gain too! (Which was the main reason I quit, to put on some weight which will convert to Gaiiinnzzz at the gym). My appettite did increase within the first few days but then went back to normal (nomral being not that good of an appetite) and has remained like that since.

So basically, in order to reach my weight gain goal, I have to cut the nicotine. Guess I'll have to buy the Zero nicotine one or the lowest nicotine liquid there is. Think its 5mg. Which is what I should have had at first! Stupid Stupid Stupid. Okay, Guess I've learnt something here.

On a positive note, Due to the lack of carbon monoxide in my system, I can take deep breathes with ease (not that I couldnt before lol but it feels better now), also when I had those few cheeky cigarettes, The inhale was deep. Felt like a chimey. And I feel my blood circulation has also improved especially with my, you know, :rolleyes:

So, new plan. Smoke the 18mg nicotine for another week or two. Mainly because I have 5 10ml bottles at home. Damn you 3 for £10!! Then cut the nicotine at which point I'll be on the e-cig only habit. Experience the above withdrawl symptons (if applicable) then reassess.

Anyways, better do some work.

Again, expect spelling and grammar mistakes.


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hey I think any way of reducing or quiting if it works for you is great! I would just watch out for that fag because it keeps it going and i believe (just my personal experience) the psychological hurdles are worse than the withdrawal itself. Because its interesting how people cold turkey or people using NRT have the same bad days, on the same sorta time frames eg day 6 or 11. If that was chemical it wouldnt happen to NRT users which tells me its a psychological hurdle. I think its the psychological hurdles that then break that addiction. Your e-cig will get you through them but they wont happen till you say bye to the real Mcoy.

But massive well done for the progress, i couldnt personally cut down i dont think, takes alot of self discipline which clearly you have :) xx


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