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I'm gonna scream!

As you know I am one of the irritating ones who at the moment (at the moment) am enjoying my quit-craves and all bring it on....BUT my other half decided to stop yesterday...amd he is doing my HEAD IN!!

Miserable, whinging, argumentative drain......every helpful tip, affection, understanding offer .....met with a bark, a shout a stomp out of the I'm sorry, but there is NO EXCUSE to be like this-Why should anyone suffer YOUR withdrawl symptons?

I have always said to myself doesn't matter how ARGGGGHHHH i feel, i will never treat anyone in a snappy angry way-its not THEIR fault I'm an addict...and now I have suffered the other side, i feel just as strong, so if you are one of those snappy, angry argumentative withdrawl ex-addicts, then think before you bark...because been on the recieving end is ****** awful, unjust and take a deep breath, smile (no matter how **** you feel) and get on with it!

phew....glad to get that off my for a herbal tea, and sleep in the spare bed (again!)

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cheers Max, sipping my herbal tea....I would never say this to him, but he has not mentaly prepared himself..(reference our chat yesterday)

I shall see how he awakes tomorrow-keeping a wide berth tomorrow!


Hi Sweet, Mines the opposite of yours, my other half decided he was going to quit too after I'd already started, he went on champix and stopped on day 8, the lucky swine has had absolutely no symptoms of quitting other than a cough, he quite likes to rub in that he has had no cravings and just feels like he does not smoke anymore - Me on the other hand could quite happily throttle the smug little so and so, especially how he keeps going on that it only took him 8 days yet when I went on the patches I was on them for 8 months and still couldn't give up completely because the selfish sob wouldn't keep the tobacco out of my way and kept asking if I wanted a fag when he lit up. If it wasn't for the champix I don't think I would ever have done it. On the plus side I have to give him credit for quitting, and I suppose it is churlish to wish he'd had as hard a time as me but it just seems like he's turning my struggle into a nothingness - Arghhhhhh :mad:


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