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Hello all

Hi my name is Kyia and I gave up smoking 14 days ago. I am 50 and have smoked since I was 14. I smoked about 20 a day. I went cold turkey and was doing well up until today. Today I am ready to roll up the carpet and stuff it with anything just to inhale it. That"s how I found this site. I have told none of my family or friend that I have given up.

I just thought if I typed long enough and read other posts that it would help me over the feeling of panic.

I don't even understand why I am panicking, :confused:

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Way to go

Hi Kyia

welcome to this wonderful place :)


WELL DONE ON REACHING DAY 14 that is some achievement

what your feeling is natural just remember you are giving up something that was apart of your life so will take a while for your body and especially your mind to adapt

distracting your mind when you feel like this and keeping it busy will help big time

plus try keeping a positive mindset and keep repeating i choose not to smoke today and you will win your freedom to that smelly addictive harmful smoking demon

post as much as you need to and i look forward to reading your updates





Welcome Kyia and a massive well done for getting to day 14 - 2 weeks is a fab start :D

Those days are nasty, but the best thing to do is keep your mind and hands busy so you don't give the craves and cries of the nicodemon airtime in your head. Anything you like doing - a hobby, playing games, walking whatever will help!!

Add to that drinking water - no idea why but it helps - and that should help :)

Post on here as much as you like because that helps too!!


Thanks guys. I have sat for ages just reading and finding lots of helpful encouragement and advice. It has calmed me LOL Thankfully it's bedtime here in Australia so I am going to try to sleep. xx


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