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Past day 7 mark

I'm on day 7 of my quit but officially day 7 ended at 3pm....I have to say that cos it's really important :D

I haven't had any intense cravings today which is a massive difference to day 5...I'm not getting too excited yet tho as I know tho the monster can appear at any time....just glad I had an easier day...except for the headache of course, which I take as a positive sign since it reminds me it only hurts because its getting more oxygen and will soon ease off!

Anyway, for those who are a few days earlier than me, persevere through the cravings because they do get easier!

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A big well done Nicky! very big achievement that, be proud of yourself! :)

As you have pointed out, the cravings are getting less and less both in terms of occurrence and severity and it only gets easier so just keep that guard up :cool:


Ta muchly for the encouragement :)




another one to reach week 2 is a brilliant achievement

:) keep that positive mindset and the next two weeks will fly by and then you wilbe entering into the month 1 room :)


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