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My 2nd Month and in to month 3

Well what can I say 8 weeks completed and not one dirty stinking tab has passed my lips and never will again.

I have been spot on to be honest, no cravings hardly when I started my non smoking or bad side effects, no empty feeling, nothing and now 8 weeks and I don't even think of them hardly. Overcome so many possible triggers and it didn't even hurt lol! Drinking, parties and sad to say very bad news.

Not eating many ice pops now as I don't need them, still drinking lots of water but that's more of a good habit to have as I used to drink far too much pop. I'm still on patches currently swapping each day between 14 and 10 one day 14 and one day 10 for the next four weeks then I'm going full on 10 for few weeks before going down again. Nurse thought this would be better way for me so ill go with it. Rather have a patch for now, I don't mind it's better than standing outside smoking, stinking and soaking wet today!

Weight I have gained a little 5lbs in last few weeks. I'm not worried and I can seriously say its not the without fags you gain thing! Mine is because I had my gallbladder out 6weeks ago and not being able to eat out or have a treat now and again or enjoy food for two years, now every day for two weeks was like Christmas Day lol. But I have kicked myself and I'm ready to start with my weight again and can't wait to be able to go to the gym tomorrow.

even stood outside waiting for my husband last night as he spoke to a friend who was smoking, it was not until I got in the car I actually thought Jesus wept iv just stood beside someone smoking!!!

Any one thinking of stopping this was the best thing iv done and coming here. The help and support is fantastic and thanks to all who has helped me on my way.

When I got the bad news on Thursday about my brother having cancer, normally anything like that "bad of news" I would be like I need a tab! This time I felt sick and I hate them stinkers so much, more than cancer itself as them and sunbeds are breeders of the horrid thing. :)

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Hi Angela, massive respect for getting to 8 weeks at the same time as dealing with the stress of your op and the devastation of hearing your brother has cancer. Keep strong and be proud of how far you've come.


Well done

Angela I am a few days in front of you isn't it wonderful being free of that stupid habit. I am sorry to hear about your brother, stay strong and smoke free.


Thanks very much my brother in law is 26 and to be honest it's like water off a ducks back to him, he has been fine, we have all been worse. Hope age is on his side, mad thing is looking on net about kidney cancer they say its being fat, runs in families or smoking! Only one he hits is smoking.

I'm determine never to smoke again, and I won't as I have already proved I dont need them. :). Anyone struggling do something, anything but don't smoke it's crap man.



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