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Long time reader just registered

Hello people! Thought it was probably about time that I registered as I have been constantly on and off this site for motivation to quit the nic demon for ages now and finally plucked up the courage 30 days or so ago!

I'm 23 and have smoked for around 7-8 years on and off now (more on than off and pretty heavily too), at an average of 20 cigarettes a day. The only reason that I made it through these past 30 days is largely due to the advice & support that you have all provided to other new quiiters, which I have been able to relate to myself, so I thank everyone for all the great things that have been shared on these forums making my quit more possible :)

I really look forward to chatting to you all in the near future, treat me well haha :)

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Welcome Rad, great news you decided to join us, good luck on your quit, there are so many wise peeps here who have been instrumental in keeping me on the straight and narrow. I found the joke thread is now my favourite weapon for seeing off rogue cravings, by the time I've stopped laughing I've completely forgotten about a smoke. :D


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