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Oh my!

Hello there people, I have been a long time reader of these forums and I think it is absolutely amazing the amount of support that is provided for new quitters on here :) I found it soo great reading these forums that I finally decided to give the nicotine demon a kick up the backside and give it up once and for all!

As of Midnight I am now on day 30 . . . . . WOOHOO!!!! Boy do I feel great.

Anywho the reason I am posting in this section of the forum is that I couldn't believe how much of an improvement not doing something has actually done for my health! Last night I had to run to catch a ferry crossing over from Gosport to Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth from my friends house (my friend also came with me and happened to be on a bicycle which is why I decided to run to "test" what these smoke free lungs could do) which is about 2 miles might I add. I couldn't believe that I actually managed to keep up right to the end! Okay, he wasn't cycling all that fast but it was definitely a good consistent pace to jog at and I felt like I was going to die at the end (haha), but a previous attempt whilst I was smoking resulted in me not even making it a quarter of the way (and to top it off I was even threw up, ewwww!).

I am simply in awe. This doesn't even seem like it's possible to me. Has anyone had similiar experiences where stopping smoking has improved their athletic capabilities by this much? This has made me soo happy, I was almost in tears once I finished it. This is the best thing I have ever done for myself. Period.

Anybody struggling with their quit just get out there and run or something! I promise you will notice the improvements and they will want to make you stay away from fags even more than you do already!!! This has now solidified the idea in my head that I am a NON-SMOKER :D:D:D:D:D

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Hi there good to have you on board


30 Days smoke free is brilliant :)

and its amazing how much your going to find you can do easier now you have quit the ciggies

afew from here have taken up running since quitting Angry Bear is even started running marathons which is amazing

there will be more and more benefits the longer you stay quit and hope your saving the money you would have spent so you can treat yourself :)

onwards and upwards is the only way to go




Hi Radikal,

You are not alone - I think everyone who stops smoking is amazed at how much better they feel after just a short space of time.

Many, many long term smokers (and I was one of these), on hearing / reading things like this, tend to dismiss such messages as rubbish - after all, I felt absolutely fine, nothing wrong with me.

But my definition of 'absolutely fine' was the smoker's perspective - the wheeze, the cough, the tiredness, the lack of stamina - all perfectly 'normal' to me. Smoking drags you down so slowly and so subtly that you are unaware that it is happening. It distorts your view of what is normal, and you don't even realise it.

It's only when you stop smoking, and your health bounces back quickly, that you come to realise those messages you used to dismiss as the rantings of an over zealous ex-smoker, might just be true:D:D



Congratulations on your 30 days as a non-smoker and welcome I am into week 9 and although at my age and health, running is out of the question lol. I have seen a really big improvement in my walking, I couldn't walk very far without stopping because of circulation problems the pain would become unbearable! 9 weeks later what a fantastic difference, I can now walk a few miles before the need to rest, so the truth is the cigarettes were crippling me! besides other things.


Hi Radikal

Yep it's all good on the fitness front..I thought i was fairly fit when I smoked, but that's the demon fooling you ! I AM FIT NOW and I have started running...A FIRST FOR ME IN MY ADULT LIFE ! I am on Week 4 on the couch to 5k it...keep up the good work :) It's all for the taking....:) and just gets better and better.....incidentally can I just add...smelt a cashier at Tescos today and I nearly passed out with the smell and mortified that I used to smell like's so awful ! Onwards and a upwards !! Lol


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