No sleep

Hi all, tracey here, does any one have the same problem as me, like yesterday woke up at 2.45 could not go back to sleep, is that normal not sure if its to do with the quit, also feel quite dizzy at times is that normal? Has any one had these symptoms just so terrible 5 weeks to day since had a white stick although on the patches, may I say stick them on my stomach which is getting larger think eating more and that's a worry to

B...y hard to day really struggling any suggestions please

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  • No sleep

    Thank you so much, I honestly felt like giving up to day, but got home from work went on forum, posted my problem and as usual all you lovely people are here to help, thanks even though feel c..p but will get through to day, I really don't know how you all manage the long haul thanks again tracey

  • Hi Tracey, Kat has a good point, if you can manage your morning crave then go for sleeping without a patch. I drink camomile tea about half an hour before bed and find that makes me sleepy. Well done on your quit :D

  • Thanks

    Am hanng on. Thanks one and all makes a differance thanks tracey, you all make a huge differance to my quit will read posts tomorrow. Traceyq

  • We may not tell fibs Tracey (and thank you Debbie for the vote of confidence!) but I must point out that Maxwell's use of those little smilies with haloes is entirely inappropriate - we may not tell lies but angelic we most certainly are NOT!:rolleyes::D

    Ooh I'm shockd, shocked i tell you!! :p

  • Im like that... doesnt help that I used to do night work... I can easilly go to bed 6am... wake up midday n do it all over again x

  • There's no long haul Tracey, just a bit at a time, whether it's a week, a day, an hour, whatever. They all stack up, then you forget how long it's been... keep doing what you're doing, it's working.:)...

  • Hi Kat

    I'm in the same boat. Hardly slept last night and now again tonight :(. I'm really stressed as Monday I am working and I need to sleep tomorrow night.



  • Yeah. Is this a regular side effect? First few days I could hardly keep my eyes open. I feel like I've gone in reverse :confused:

  • Thanks Kat. I do struggle with sleeping a bit normally. It was great to sleep so much in the last week. One of the positives :). I feel I'm out of routine right now ( the one I established to fit my working day). I need to put it back in place tomorrow.

    Hope you manage to get sorted too.

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