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Day 6


So day 6, not bad so far.

But tonight is my first time being around other smokers and to be honest I am genuinely bricking it.

As I said in post yesterday its a poker night tonight, my plan is smokers go smoke in the garden (while I either slowly rock back & forth in a corner or end up being a peeping tom through the curtain while they smoke), no alcohol for me as I see that as being a catalyst for starting again.

My girlfriend is being my conscience as well so I should be able to get through the next 8 hours just fine and resume the quitting schedule.

Still doesnt make the fear go away, Ill let you know how it goes.

Wish me luck

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It was my first night of drinking amongst my smoker friends last weekend, I also had a feeling of dread..but it was actually easy-they ****** STANK by the way, and it was lovely to come home still smelling fresh and lovely :)

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