No Smoking Day
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Day 5 - I am winning this war!!!

The Nicotine Monster is very keen to keep enslaved in using his products and paying an arm and leg for the privallage! I had a really bad night last night, literally woke up every 30 mins and i dont think i was properly asleep either. I was so tired my eyes were bloodshot this morning!

All day Ive been thinking err is this worth it? look your gettin fat already! err you like smoking!! ....

The craving now seems to have passed and im really pleased i am non smoker and very proud of myself for knowing not to give in! Its amazing how in those craving moments i truly believe i like smoking....

oh! did anyone dream of the nicotine monster? I keep seeing this man in my dreams and i really think he represents my addiction.strange!

anyways rant over, im taking this quit one day and time and really look after it. xxx

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do you think i will have a nice suprise on monday or are you just trying to get me to hold out till atleast monday? lol x


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