No Smoking Day
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Guess who's back!

Well after reading Neil Casey's The Nicotine Trick and Jason Vale's stop smoking in 2 hrs app, I'm on day 3 of freedom, just escaped no nicotine replacements!

Hoping this quit is the one, I think I get the idea of how it works so each time I get that empty feeling I just have to remind myself that I choose not to smoke and its the precious cigarette caused that feeling!

Need to continue to educate myself! Hope your all well xxx

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Thanks for the lovely warm welcome back Kat :)

Knowledge is definitely power, it helps more than anything! xx


Hey Mrs Mash :)

so good to see you back and into day 4 now

those feelings will go away and as long as you keep in your mind that your choosing not to smoke that you want to be free of smoking and taking it slowly you will do it bit by bit

just remember there is always someone around for the times you feel like you cant go on so come and post on here first and your right education is the key to winning that freedom and keeping it

onwards and upwards is the only way to go


Carol x


Ooh welcome back!!

Lol, sounds phoney but I was wondering what happened to you the other day!!

Best of luck with it, you can do it hun :)



Thanks Carol & Gemma Lou! It's great to be back, nearly day 7 now woohoo!



Thanks Max, spuddy is back to mash it this time :)


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