No Smoking Day
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Day 5

Ok so, so far today has been down right horrific.

I'm currently unemployed and today was the day I have to go to the job centre.

Let me tell you, this is not a place you desire to be when you are trying to quit smoking.

I was irritated by everyone in that place and when I came out all I wanted to do was light up, and to make it worse there is a newsagents right opposite.

I literally had to sprint away from that negative environment but Im really pleased that I didnt resort to having a fag.

Tomorrow I have a poker game and a good portion of my friends there will be smoking and this is the first time I will in close quarters with others smokers, I debating whether to drink or not as drinking and smoking for me go hand in hand.

Any suggestions/advice would be most appreciated.

Thank in advance

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Thanks Max mate


Think you may be underestimating yourself Beeks. You have done well so far and today just shows the resolve you have. I think you'll do this.

Are you not on day 6? I'm on day 5, thought you were a day ahead of me?


It may well be day 6 Mark, everything seems to be blurring into everything else due to my insomnia.

Im doing this without a job and finding it hard, fair play to you guys who are having the daily stress of work to contend with as well.


I would say have an alcohol free night tomorrow night. I can only go by what i would feel and tbh if i was sat with smokers now and drinking alcohol i could see myself getting caught up in the moment and lighting up. Now in a months time when im more secure in my non smoking skin i would be ok i think.

only you know but is it a few drinks worth the risk right now?

well done on not giving in, i hated signing on when i had to! xx


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