Onwards and upwards

6 months next week ,it's gone very fast still getting the odd urges ,but few and far between ,seems the tumour in my shoulder is now stable ,and the myeloma ,bone cancer has not progressed so that's all good ,you have to be great full For small mercies ,I keep finding small cigars in my draws ,but determined not to have one maybe I will have one at Xmas I don't know yet I am now half way to the penthouse ,and feeling brilliant ,I'm still putting weight on ,but not as much ,gonna have to start buying jeans and trousers ,lol but money's a bit tight as I'm now disabled ,they don't want me to go back to work ,I was self employed any way and have now been off since nov 12,. Still I am not complaining ,I'm still alive ,so I'm great full for that thank you all for the support you have given me ,onwards and upwards

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  • A big thank you to kat and max :cool:

  • Hi stranger, chuffed to little mint balls to see a post from you and even happier to be welcoming you into 6 Months+ room - you make yourself comfy in one of those armchairs by the open fire and I will bring whatever you would like to drink, only the best service for our Alan! Wonderful to hear some positive news regarding your condition, as you say, in this case a lack of progress is something to be grateful for! I'm sorry to hear it's not advisable for you to return to work but if that's what they recommend then you're doing the sensible thing in following their advice and it can only be for your good. I have a feeling you might not be too keen on my next suggestion but given the challenges you've faced and continue to face you really should make sure you are claiming what you are entitled to in the way of support from the government. I am not very clued up on the set-up but I know Macmillan assist people who are unsure what they should be claiming and how. I am sure during your working life you have contributed your fair share into the pot and now it's time you got something out of it so even if it goes against your grain, suss it out. As a fellow taxpayer and contributor to the pot, it's for people in your position that I pay in, and for the elderly in need of care, the children in need of foster homes, the chronically ill in need of hospitalization and treatment, etc, etc so don't you dare feel the slightest hesitation in applying for whatever you're entitled to - you've paid your share, now it's time you got something back!

    What she said!!

    Huge well doen to you Alan and welcome to the 6 months room :D

  • One thing-take any little cigars and shred them right now,please do not have one at Xmas it would be the thin end of the wedge,really.Do that for us and we will feel seriously happy.

    He's right, I had 2 fags after 18 months off them, it ended up with me smoking over a pack a day.

    We just can't do it

  • Great to see you're still going strong Alan :D

  • Great to see you're still going strong Alan :D

    Thanks guys its not been easy ,but feeling good now ,only 6 months till the penthouse looking forward to that one ,i will shred the cigars ,the grand kids now call me chunky monkey ,gotta laugh ,it seems you can do most things if you are determined enough ,all the support you get on this forum really helps ,as you people know what it's like ,now all I've got to do is beat this cancer ,even if there is no cure,I am determined I am not giving in to it i still don't feel any different ,apart from a tight shoulder ,still that's enough of,feeling sorry for my self ,onwards and upwards

  • Bad day,so sad

    Hi all had a really bad day yesterday our next door neighbour passed away ,after an illness of 7 months (cancer) lived next door to her for over 25 years ,so she was more like family ,but have so many memories of her,holidays ,party's ,and going over the local club with her and my wife ,could quite easily had a fag but resisted ,really going to miss her,the wife is trying to pack up smoking again ,but had a couple yesterday,I don't really blame her,they were really good friends ,still life goes on as cruel as it seems

  • Thanks kat ,you are very helpfull

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