No Smoking Day
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Day 3 its always nasty isnt it!?

Exactly on form day 3 i feel alien to myself. I feel fine in my head but this empty feeling is horrible! The need to have something but nothibg fills the thibg does but not gonna have that! I find the only thing that helps is having a mint so to the shops to get loads of sweets!

Im 100% happy that i have quit and i have no doubts! I cant wait till saturday for day 5 as i would like to feel myself again sometime soon!

My skin looks bettet already n my eyes have a lil sparkle! Imagin in a year how much beyter an.ex smoker can look! Xx

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Hey - yep Day 3 is one of the hardest and if you can get through it, there will be other hard days but none as hard as day 3, then you really have no excuse ever to smoke again - coz you got through day 3


Hey Nikki

hope you wake up feeling proud for getting through day 3

you will notice more and more positives to quitting the further down the road you go



Im just about to go into day 4 and im.feeling better already. I feel abit out of sorts but i can feel the physical addiction leaving me now as i have moments of relaxation. I think ill.go gym.later. Gey back out there ad ive speny 2 days in the house now lol xx


lol Max i am not crumbling i have said to myself you can have a smoke in a year, just quit for a year Nicola! (obviously abit of a reverse psychology :D ).

I must admit it is at this point where i think 'but do i actualy like smoking? i like that feeling i get from it' but i have to remind myself that i thought this last time and as soon as i finished the cig i thought 'where was the buzz? where was the ahhhh feeling??' and i felt really ripped off actualy!'

I obviously want to quit or i wouldnt bother so much. I need to allow myself time to get used to it really. im sure in 3 months i will be very happy i didnt cave in. xx


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