No Smoking Day
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Day 2 - The demon is declaring war!

Decided to have a nice long lay in today as might as well sleep off as much of these first few days as possible! Feeling good actualy! The nicotine monster is lurking though - tried to convince me the E-cig is a better way to quit (even though im 24 hours into cold turkey now). I see it for what it is, a excuse to relapse, which i wont! I look that lil brighter already so i know in 3 months time im gonna be sparkling from all that extra oxygen in my life!

I know from now until 72 hours its gonna get a little crazy and i defo see a cry on the horizon. Its weird how everytime your scared the cravings will never go even though you know they will....

Happy so far :D hope evryone else is gettin on ok? xx

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You tell that foul smelling demon that you are not about to give in to him! Crying is good, so is screaming, punching pillows, anything that helps relieve that urge. Keep strong and carry on.


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