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Just a little update

Ok guys, I wasn't going to update this for a few days yet but wanted to put it out there. I have now gone 2 days, 13 hours and 30 mins without a cigarette. Whilst I am proud of myself I am trying to make it not seem like a big deal at the minute, it's just another thing I don't do (one of my colleagues noticed that I hadn't been going outside and was told not to mention it again, in a nice polite manner, of course lol)

I have had a few cravings but nothing overly drastic. I think I have accepted the fact that I can never have another puff so it makes it that bit more achievable. I know that there will be moments of weakness but I am generally trying to ride these out and they haven't been bad at all.

The only thing I want to ask, I had a coughing fit this morning (which I expect) but it tasted like stale smoke. Has anyone else experienced this? I've never had it in my previous attempts and was curious as to whether anyone else has noticed it?

I'll update every so often to keep you aware of my progress and look forward to helping others on their journey to freedom (when I am not in work and am able to reply) :)

(PS - I have a couple of pics for Carol but need to figure out how to upload them lol)

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Hi Mark, the muck that is clearing itself out of your lungs is tar residue, which smells and tastes like fags apparently. I found this online after some pretty vivid smoking dreams


Hi Mark,

Good to see you back!! I used to have coughs which tasted of stale smoke, which is pretty gross lets face it! I try to remember these moments if I ever get tempted, soon puts me off!!

Stick with it fella!!




well if you want to post pics they have to be cat ones though ;) :rolleyes:

scroll down under the box your writing in and you will see attach files click on the manage attachments then another box will pop up and just click on browse to find the pic on your computer attach it then click on upload and post

ohhh im looking forward to seeing what you have :)

do hope your day goes well




Reply up! The benefits are endless and cig will only do one thing...stop withdrawal for all of 5 mins lol so whats the point ay! Xx


Well done Mark, you're off to a fab start :D


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