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2 years anniversary

And who would have thought that I still look at the quitting app on my iphone! Maybe that's just a sign I need a new phone!

But 9th September, my 2 years was up, and I'm very happy to say, without any problems at all.

My fitter, healthier,happier (thank you radiohead) life is infinately better than it was when I was smoking, and every time I reach a new goal with my running/biking etc, I remind myself of how this would have been impossible with the damage I was doing to my body before..

This year, I knocked another 8 minutes off my marathon record, and ran 26 miles in well under 4 hours.

Goals are there to be broken all the time. For those starting out now, I can only tell you how great the rewards are if you can just stick out a little bit of pain.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right!

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That's fab, well done :D :D


Well done and great to hear from you.:)


Nice one Barney (like the Radiohead nod!)......:)



What a lovely post to be reading and so nice to see you posting hun :)


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