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Hey everyone - been a pretty solid smoker for a few years gave up for 2 years then back on them for the last 8. about 10 a day.

Attempted to give up a few times been hard as my partner is a pack a day guy so hard to not just light up. But happy to say it seems different this time like I really want it - to be free of the smokes. Did the math and I have wasted 20k NZ $$ over the eight years, that combined with my kiwi saver that's a deposit on my first house. Very angry at myself as not only has my health suffered but my long term goals have been outta reach.

Day 2 and proud

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Hello Shelbie, look forward to your posts on here to see how you go, all the best xxx


Hi Shelbie

Wishing you the best of luck with your quit, there are fab people on here who will help you every step of the way. Like you I'm a multi quitter but this time I am determined to see it through, just like you.


Day 3

Wow thank you for your words of support already after just one post.

SweetB I have been reading some of your posts and you are doing so well, and Jennings you are right there are some great people on here. And wish you luck for success this time round.

This is not easy by any stretch - Today day 3 im feeling tingles in my hands and fidgeting like mad. But got to stay positive 72 hours of fag freeness!!

Last night super hard as my partner is attempting to give up but dont think his head is in the right place as he weakened and went out for a packet. So hard for me not to jump up and light up with him esp with the packet sitting visable on the kitchen table.

But happy to say I stayed strong.

Help is Day 4 easier???

big hugs everyone


Well done for being sooooooo strong Shelbee....impressive :D


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