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Day 2


I've just finished Day 2.

It's been all good. Haven't had the urge to smoke, then again I was busy today and typically speaking I hardly smoke on the weekends. The main reason I don't smoke on the weekend is because I don't like to stink of fags in front of my siblings etc. I suppose it's the respect I have for them. Or am I ashamed? :/ lol. The other reason I'd say is that I don't actually have a smoking routine on the weekend (unless I'm out then I smoke however) but if it's a weekend in'ish then I don't really have a smoking routine.

My smoking routine mainly revolves around my working life. I wake up etc and when I'm out the door I light one up. Just before I go into work, I light one up. Then I have my morning break, light one up. After lunch, light one up. Afternoon break, light one up. Finish work, light one up. Just before I head into my house, I light one up. Next one is after dinner or after gym. Last one is just before bed. That should add up to around 10, if not then (as mentioned in my Day one post) I'll have a cheeky one inbetween this routine.

Having said all this, it appears that my true mental Day one will be tomorrow, I guess. How do I plan to break this routine? Well, I won't smoke one in the morning, won't smoke as I go into work, etc. I'll just puff on my e-cig. So yeah, you could say I'm still smoking but whatever! I ain't buying cigarettes tomorrow or the rest of the week etc! Should save me having to withdraw a tenner each day lol, (I spend the change £5, on lunch), Hopefully by withdrawing £20, that should do me for lunches. Actually call it £30 to cover bits and bobs if you get what I mean.

Anyways, so how's Day 2 been then. Well it's been good, haven't thought about smoking. I've had my e-cig which I puffed on but not that much. If I had t oequate to the amount of puffing I did to cigarettes then I'd say I've had 3ish.

Nicotine levels should have dropped by now. I know it takes 48 hours to completely go from your body but I've had that e-cig so I don't think it's completely gone. But I know its dropped. Must have! Now tomorrow onwards is when my body starts going through true withdrawal symptons, well that's what they say? Maybe you don't go through anything? maybe it's all in your mind. They say you go through this and that but do you really? If no one told you or if you didn't know what the so called withdrawal symptons are then would you experience them? Obviously I'm no Doctor here but I reckon, again after being a bit of a psychologist, that if you believe you're get a headache if you stop smoking (for e.g.) then you definitely will.

So, in conclusion, There is no withdrawal symptons and thats what I believe. I will be fine tomorrow etc.

Actually, I'm now interested to know how this will work because if there are withdrawal symptoms and these are to be guaranteed but I refuse to accept them then surely I'll consciously feel them etc?

I'll keep you all updated.

For those of you that have completed Day 2, Well done.

Again, probably got spelling and grammar errors but I have to wake up for work at 6!

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Well done on getting to day 2 :)

breaking the day down into sections will def help you win this battle and everytime you would normally smoke do something else to distract your mind as thats where the real quit begins your going to have to retrain your mind to stop going down the automatic route it normally goes

coming on here reading and posting will help you to do both

onwards and upwards is the only way to go


Yep I second what Carol has said...absolutely ! Knowledge is power and there is believe me some very good knowledge on this forum !

I Did try my Gp No smoking clinic once. My first question to the nurse was

"When / How did you quit".... Obvious question to ask, reasonable given the circumstances ......answer - "I'VE NEVER SMOKED"

Wrong answer....I was out of there like a shot ! How on earth can you listen to advice from someone that don't know how it feels !!!!


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