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Day 1 Tomm back again

Hi all well I gave up nearly 2 and half years ago but last July I started again:(

Well I have tried a few times to give up again but found it hard as my head wasn't in it so the dreaded cig got better of me.

Well I'm starting tonight once I have my last cig in the next ten min and intend on being smoke free.

I have a lot to live for and my kids as much as they are a nightmare sometimes are gonna be my rock as I would rather be alive to see them grow up:)

I have been to a few smoking cessation s but to be honest didnt really feel that they helped much.

I'm gonna have my inhalator and patches for a few day just to help with the cravings.

Hope whoever else I's starting Tomm have a good day as I know I'm not lol.

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Hi Emma :)

Well done for stopping again, it's going to help that you know what to expect and you're going to get a lot of help on here!!

Let's make this *the* quit for you!!


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