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149 day update

Hey everyone, essay coming!!

Haven't posted for a while and can't believe it's been 5 months.

I'm extremely proud to say I am a non smoker after battling with the demon for quite some time.

Looking back I can't believe I did it- but I can't remember a day that was truly difficult to the point of having a cigarette. For those who are just starting out- take it day by day and surround yourself with supportive people, apps, websites anything u can acess in an instant because I truly wouldn't have done it if I didn't have all these things to guide me.

I won't lie- I had a period of a month were my skin was almost grey looking, I had difficulty sleeping, I was exhausted, everything tastes funny and I was emotional all the time. I found this after month 2, and was annoyed by the lack of support from apps etc after u have hit the first month- everything sort of dissapears- with the exception of this website.

But the people made the difference then. Soon changed my skin started clearing and I was sleeping like a baby.

I did follow smokers around subconsciously in the beginning- trying to get some nicotine- now I hate smoking (nothing worse that a reformed smoker) it reminds me of the sensation of smoking with a dry cough, the way the smoke dragged down your throat. I can't get away quick enough.

A couple of things that I did differently on this quit -

I didn't stop drinking

I used patches for the first month ish. Then stopped

I didn't move away from smokers- I decided to cope

I ate all the time- yes I gained half a stone, I don't care- I have almost lost it now anyway- it was worth it.

The reasons were because each other attempt I didn't want to gain weight, I didn't want to crave after drinking, other smokers made me smoke. I realised I would face these one day anyway- and I didn't want to have too after a few months of quitting to let myself down. So I dove right in- looking back I don't know how I didn't grab a cigarette and start again- sheer will to succeed I think.

I won't smoke again- it won't happen, because I worked way too hard to quit and I saved £800 so far in doing so.

I have no will power at all- and have hardly ever stuck to anything- now I am empowered. My thinking- I did this, I actually did something I doubted I would ever do and I feel like I can achieve anything if I put my mind to it- and so can u!

Good luck everyone, your here for a reason. Because u want to do it- and u absolutely will. Take the rough with the smooth- because it is going to be just that.

Thanks for reading- will post again in a few months!

Laura xx

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Thank you for your post it will I feel sure be a great help to many including me who are following your path to freedom.



Well done Laura, was wondering how you were doing 'cos I saw one of your old posts the other day :)

It's fab you're doing so well and above all loving it :D :D


Hi Laura,

You know what - I read your post twice...beaming smiling like a Cheshire Cat because you have mirrored my journey........Congratulations Laura that's all I wanted to say..and a really good inspiration ! Here's to the next 5 months :) x


Wow fab post Laura, you sound so happy to be a non smoker... I look forward to your next post. An inspiration for anyone reading through this forum and contemplating a quit :D


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