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Where has the last month gone!

Well here I am entering month 2. At the beginning I never thought this would happen as I didn't want to give up smoking because I enjoyed it, and was doing it for my health.

I'm still on patches, but have just begin the next step down, so I know I have a little way to go yet. (Although I'd been up four hours before remembering to put the patch on!)

Also a question more for the ladies.... has anyone else experienced this.....

Since giving up smoking I have found that people are wondering if I am pregnant! I am not and it is not why I gave up smoking!

I suppose it would fit as I'm early 30's with no children yet and have just recently got married. And I did give up all of a sudden, one day I smoked and the next day I didn't! I feel that there are various people awaiting some big announcement in the next month or so!

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Well done Abbi!!

Glad you're doing so well :D :D

Had people asking if I was preggers on other quits but not this one 'cos they all know I'm still ****** single

well done one month smoke free. I haven't heard of that my self, however my doctor did tell me you can have a swollen tummy when you smoke caused by the air you inhale when you smoke and it becomes trapped. He said that's why alot of people fart alot when they stop smoking its all the gases.

I burped for England :p


Wished I had its much more lady like especially when you don't own a dog ! x


It wasn't ladylike :eek: I'd open my mouth to say something and *oops*

More than the other end i suppose though :p


I have to admit that I am a bottom end burper, still not fully settled down yet! :o


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