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Day 40

Hi everyone,

I can't believe how quickly 40 days have passed and how in control I feel, I know it's still early days but trigger points which would normally have had me reaching for a cig are niggles which I can brush off reasonably easily, even a steaming row with my bloke (he's into the second week of his quit) didn't make me want a fag, just commit murder :eek:

Our department will be going out to lunch today with our boss who has just started maternity leave, and as I used to be the only smoker in the company I will not need to slope off guiltily on my own to get my fix, before coming back and making my colleagues put up with my stench - :cool: I can't tell you how good that feels.

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Ooh well done. that's brilliant!! :D


:o See how stupidly excited I am - it's actually 39 days, but still feeling good :p


Congrats Jenninegs !!

Well Done ! Feels good doesn't it ! We are all smiling with you :)

You made me laugh...mixing your days ! You are excited and you are entitled to be ! You are doing the hardest, bravest and best possible thing in life you can do !

Well done again - that's for the 40 days ;) x x


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