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Last Day of Month 1

Been for my smoking appointment this morning and they have decided that I am doing well enough to give step down my patches from 25MG to 15MG, which I'm pleased about as I've felt ready for this step for the last week. :)

Got to work and had a minor panic attack when I realized I that not only have I left my mist spray at home but I also left my packet of Haribo Tangfastics at home! Thankfully someone at work had an unopened pack of Haribo that they have given me and now I feel calm once again!

Looking forward to getting through today and joining the month 2 thread tomorrow. I would though like to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone on this board. You have all played such a big part in my quit and I'm extremely grateful.

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Way to go Abbim

A month is huge, i hope your feeling well proud and that your treating yourself to something wonderful.

stay strong



I so want to be YOU right now!!! well done xxxx


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