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Val's Day 6


I cannot believe I'm on Day 6. If someone had said to me, when I had my last fag last Thursday, that I would survive to Day 6 with my sanity intact, I wouldn't have believed them, but here it is....Day 6!

When I woke up this morning, my first thought was of fags. But it wasn't a craving, it was a sad little thought :(; it was of something that used to be in my life but isn't there anymore and I was missing it (not craving it), just a little bit. I was regretting that this "something" had gone, but knew that it wasn't coming back.

I have read of other people referring to "mourning" fags and I couldn't really comprehend it, but now I do. I actually still feel a bit sad. It is totally ridiculous.....I should be glad that the smelly git has gone.

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Hello Val

woo hoop for day 6 AWELL DONE !

Oh God...we all go through the same motions it seems to me...what a horrible monster he is !

I can relate to your post entirely absolutely !

I felt like I lost my Best Friend ! it took a while for me to get over that feeling..but now I know there is absolutely nothing to miss !

Today as at now I embrace my freedom and sticking two fingers up at the demon because he has lost me hahahaha ha ! (Sound like an old witch cackle there) :).....

(clear throat)

it seems there are stages and the mourning is one of them. Let it happen Val and you will come out the other side ...promise.

x x

I have mourned fags quite a lot in the last month.

I have occasions were I almost forget I don't smoke anymore and suddenly think 'It's time for a cig!'.... then I remember I don't do that anymore, and I feel all sad because at times I do miss it.

Congratulations on Day 6! :D

Thank you, woo, Abbi and Kat!xxx

Sorry I didn't reply was quite a fraught day. No stinky fags though, but *I think he's gone, now*.

Went to see my no smoking adviser yesterday tea-time and my carbon monoxide level was zero! I was so pleased! There is an added bonus to seeing her, as the clinics are held in an annexe of the fire station. :D:D:D

I'll stay here for Day 7, it might save a bit of space somewhere. I find it staggering to believe that it was a week ago tonight that I had my last fag.

I feel so more full of life, my skin has improved, my bank balance has improved and I'm feeling GOOD about myself, rather than hating myself for being dependent on that stupid bit of old shredded plant (hat-tip to Kat for that description!). :D

When I think of having a fag now, it makes me feel sick...ughhhh....the taste of it and feeling like my head will explode, the feeling of absolute misery that I would have thrown all of the hard work away and the letting down of the wonderful people here. :('s been nearly a week; I really am amazed. I might have a bar of chocolate to celebrate! One thing is certain though, I will never let my guard down. :eek::D




I've just been looking around the penthouse...what a place to be! Only another 357 days to go. :D

Woohoo :D

Well done Val, you've got your head in the right place to go all the way here!!

It's fab that you hated smoking for a bit too 'cos that should help get rid of the "positive" memories of smoking.

:D Almost a full week - well done! We will be seeing you in the week 2 section tomorrow!

I'm glad you've said you skin has improved, because by the end of the first week I thought my skin was looking better too - but wondered if I was imagining it!

Another plus to this stopping smoking is that I am using less make up to cover up my imperfections! :)

Thanks, Gemma and Abbi!xxx

Yes, I hope to be moving on tomorrow to Week 2:eek:. I can hardly believe it. A week ago tonight, at about a quarter to midnight, I went out into my back garden and smoked two fags. What a vile thought. Yuck!

I had a problem today and I thought of fags, then I reminded myself quickly that I don't smoke anymore and I was actually able to solve the problem quite easily......because I didn't bring Nicodemon in to make the situation worse.

I used to think he helped me at difficult times, but now I see that his presence actually made problems worse.:mad: I hope I can take that lesson with me into Week 2.

Without the absolutely amazing people on here, I wouldn't have made it this far........I know that for certain. So a huge "Thank you" to everybody for being so blooming brilliant and amazing and kind and helpful and encouraging and funny. :):):)



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