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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to "boast" some figures....

Saved - £1,006

129 Days into my quit

10 days gained on my life expectancy

Circulation almost normal

Cravings almost zero

The days are flying by now...

Also I've noted one thing...

My Partner has an annoying habit now ...and that is whenever I get agitated annoyed or upset he blames my quit !

Yesterday I screamed.....NO IT'S NOT THE ****** QUIT ! That is Done now !!

I yesterday truly believed for the first time me being A NON SMOKER ! and not an Ex Smoker ! because I think there is a difference..


Ready ......




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OMG ! (said the Essex way) Debbie I have pm you live quite near to you ! :)


Gosh, what an inspiring post, woo. Huge congratulations to you! It is wonderful to hear that you are now a non-smoker. I was wondering earlier if that ever happened, or if we would always be ex-smokers, so it is inspiring to read that we can become non-smokers. The two things really are different, aren't they? They are a world apart.

..and you boast away, because that long list you made is a result of your hard work. Go and spend that £1006 on yourself :D! You deserve it.:D




Hi Val

Thank you for your praise...well today this non smoker has had a good day. But it really still is one day at a time. I'm up and down like a ****** yo yo hahaha... Sadly would love to spend £1006 that's only figures on my phone :-z in reality I don't have a pot to p in.....where has all that money gone ???? Cos I sure haven't seen it !! Lol...

Thanks again.... Beat the Demon today :) xx.


Well done Woo

I know what you mean about the money, when you stop having to pay for something you never seem to find that money back in your purse!!!

stay strong



Thanks Jules !

Yeah sure wish I'd physically put that cash in a jar ! Wow ! But I've enjoyed the regular little treats ! I still cannot believe how expensive they are today how on earth do so any people afford them ! Still it doesn't matter to us now does it :)



Wonderful Post

Congratulations it is a very inspiring post! To read of all the success stories in this forum is a tremendous help so thank you.


Rex, much appreciated I know how I felt when I read a positive post I'd think...."****** show off" ....HA HA HAha no not really....;) (my sense of humour) :-D

And MAX woohoooo !!

You my darling can praise me all you like ! Man in uniform with the wit to match is just too much to bear..:) you got me giggling like a school girl here ! thinking but maybe i should just change my name ? he he he..thanks for the praise I am just seriously lapping it up today. Thank you.

Me sending cyber hugs out to everyone today is STILL a good day :) xx


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