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150 days

hello all,

I dont post much but do log in most days to see how people are getting on.

I have today reached 150 days of not smoking

During this time I have managed to study for and take my final accountancy exams - which i found a couple of weeks back that i passed :)

I never thought I could study without a fag - well seems I could

Have been through good times and bad, all without the crutch I had used for the past 30 years.

Physically, am still fighting a constant battle against weight gain, despite exercising more. Still have bleeding gums, desptite regulart denist visits, antibiotics and far too much corsodyl (disgusting stuff).

I guess that is my only disappointment is that I dont physically feel any better - in fact most days worse, more tired, lethargic, fat.

However there is no going back - I am sure it will get better and the thoughts of smoking, although still there every day, can be diminished quicker and quicker.

Good luck to everyone else that is quitting. It is worth the initial struggle, honest :D

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Keep Going


I am not that far behind you at 125 days.

Like you I feel fat ! My face keeps breaking out in spots ! ( always had good skin when smoked) hair gone all dry.

But then I look at what I've gained and it just makes me carry on.

Food tastes amazing

Smells are so strong (sometimes not good) ;)

Home clean

I'm clean

I can now run and doing couch to 5k :)

I suppose it takes time for the crap to come out eh.

Well done on 150 days :)


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