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Hello All

The app on my phone says i have been smoke free for 4 days 18 hours and 41 mins!! i should be pleased but the truth is i reset the app all the time.

I've been smoking since i was about 11 and so that is 30 years or so now, i have been giving up for the last ten years. Before then i was 20 a day, every day and for the last ten years i've hated myself for smoking so much i've probably kept it down to around 5 a day.

I have varied success with giving up from a month or so to a couple of days, i can do the first few days no problem then hit a real low so this time i've done some research and i am taking a supplement called 5htp which is meant to boost your seratonim levels, i do actually feel brighter than usual so hopefully that will help.

I am also truly sick that smoking has caused me to feel so weak so i think this could well be the time! I am feeling strong and reading your posts for the last few days has truly made me feel less alone in my battle so thanks everyone,



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Hi Jules welcome to this great place :)

It is certainly a great extra weapon you can use when your feeling like your going to cave in to that smoking demon

There isn't many on here that have succeeded to quit the first time they try

Your doing so well by deciding enough is enough writing a list of reasons for why your quitting will help as you can reread it when you get a crave and come post on here first too for help that's what we are here for take one day at a time breaking it up If needed and before you know it a week has gone by then another

I look forward to reading your updates


Onwards and upwards is the only way to go




Hiya Jules :)

Well done on being smoke free for nearly 5 days - that is a really good start!! Doesn't matter that you've had some slips before, what matters is *this* quit. Honestly, when I told people I'd stopped smoking nobody thought I'd last more than a couple of weeks, tops 'cos I've tried so many times. Am now 8 and a half months quit, my second longest ever :D Not bragging, trying to say that if I can do it, you can!!

Most important thing is not to beat yourself up about past slips, they happened and you can't change that *this time* is different!!

I'd recommend you read Allen Carr, he really does help undo the brainwashing that we've all got, and when you crave tell yourself you'll have a fag in 20 mins (don't do it obviously) 'cos that really does help!!

Also post on here when you feel rubbish, you'd be amazed how much it relieves the craves, and don't worry :)


Thanks very much, i think the best thing for me about this site is just knowing there are people out there that have quit and won, it helps just knowing that if others can do it i probably can to, xxx


Thanks very much, i think the best thing for me about this site is just knowing there are people out there that have quit and won, it helps just knowing that if others can do it i probably can to, xxx

You can hun, if I can do it you can :)

This place is brilliant, everyone has gone through or is going though what you are and we can guide you through it!! xxx


Welcome, Jules!

Let's see if you can make this the last time you ever have to reset that app. You have managed almost 5 days (maybe 6 by now) and you don't really want to throw away all of that hard work, do you? Plus, of course, you would feel angry with yourself for having one, not to mention how awful that fag would make you feel. Nope, there is nothing to be gained by having a fag, and there is so very much to lose.

I'm only new here and my quit day is not until Friday, but already I do not want to let down all of the lovely people on here who have posted such lovely messages of support.......we all know what we are all going through (in our assorted stages of the journey).

You WILL do it......determination and self-belief are required. I am also using Champix as I am really quite scared of stopping on Friday, but the Champix (I'm on day 6) are starting the reduce the desperate NEED that I have for a fag.

Use any or all of the help that is available. Just knowing that I can post on here and that there are people on here who really care is a massive help to me (along with Champix and my Allan Carr dvd!)

You WILL do it.


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