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Newbie Hello

Hi folks,

I joined yesterday on Day 2, and must say that I would not have reached Day 3 without you all, even though I hadn't even posted.

Most things I wanted to ask have already been answered. One thing sticks out - don't go back! Once you have started on this journey - stay on it, you don't need to suffer the craving pains of Day 1, 2 etc again.

I think I'm trying to convince myself here :)

With hindsight I should have given up at the beginning of the working week, as I am in a No-Smoking office, and not before a long weekend and a day off today!

Ah well, off to drink plenty of water (it helps?). Thank you for reading and sorry for the waffle.



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Hey there and welcome to this mad house :eek:


its also a fun house too :D

Well done on deciding to quit and remember to take each crave as it comes and distract your mind till it passes

alot of people who have quit will reason with there mind when the crave is really doing your head in saying things like

i will have one later when i have done this or the best one is once i have been on the forum and read some of the posts or have given out a cry for help and wait till you have had a couple of replies then just carry on repeating the i will have one later throughout the day

it will get easier the further along the quit road you go

onwards and upwards is the only way to go




Hello and welcome to the forum. CONGRATULATIONS ON MAKING THE BEST DECISION EVER!! We are all here to help along the way.



Many thanks for your replies. I will do this ... and I hope that I too can motivate someone to quit one day.

Evil weed history; Should have said I was a light smoker, max 7/8 per day, but had been doing that on and off for 30 years. I'm going the patches route with the help of the smoking cessation nurse.

Just noticed, my comment above was in the past tense, and it will stay that way :)





Your decision to become a non-smoker is a life changing experience you are on the road to freedom and when you arrive at your destination you will be delighted. Good Luck



Welcome to the forum! I've found the forum a massive help with my quit. When I've been having little battles with myself I've found being on here and having a read has really helped me overcome them! :)


Welcome N-F

I too smoker over 30 years but 20-30 a day. I gave up the evening before Goof Friday so had a 4 day bank holiday weekend to contend with. :eek:

Honestly if I can do it so can you. Like you I used the patches (cant remember how long for though) also my mind set was pretty solid that I wouldn't have or want one. Still is -also the habit has gone now.

regardless of if you were at work or not, there would still be those triggers. the lunch break, leaving time etc etc. You CAN do it and free yourself. Believe me, I never thought I would be able to quit but I have and never want to smoke again. You have already nearly done the hard part anyway ;)

Enjoy the weekend as a non-fumeur :cool:



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