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Stupid, stupid, stupid

Im posting this hopefully just to help others tempted to do the 'just one'. You can search for my posts on here - quit in January 2011 for more than a year, a drunken night led to smoking and well back to a packet a day within a couple of weeks. Have since then spent much of the 18 months since then on various failed, admittedly half hearted quits - a few days here, a week here, even a month or two a few times - I think the most was almost 70 days - and then as my brother said to me - you're nuts, you do the hard bit and start again.

He was of course right, so finally here I am on Day 4 for the final time. All I can say to everyone on here is just don't fall for it - once you've quit, you've quit - thee's nothing to be gained by smoking again - if anything its a hundred times worse smoking after you've lived without it.

Actually feels a bit different this time around, much more like the time I quit in 2011, which strangely I do think of as succesful.

Anyway I'm done with them now, too old for that milarky.

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Good Luck

Hey well done on quitting again. As long as you never stop quitting you have never failed. You know what to expect so tough it out one last time :)


Good luck quitting again, we've all done the "just one won't hurt" thing and guss what? We were all wrong. Now's the time to do it for real!!


Dont beat yourself up about past quits they are in the past so put them down to experience and just concentrate on this one taking one day at a time

Well done on reaching day 4 hun :)

keep coming on here and posting you will get as much support as you need


As long as you never stop quitting you have never failed.

How absolutely true!! But make this the forever quit;) x


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