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As Time Rolls On, Month Six Bring It On

Well hard to believe since I decided the weed was no longer for me 5 months have passed.

I am well pleased to have come this far. I think the secret is in small steps and to not get to wrapped up in the long term. It’s the longer term I think many of us x smokers struggle with, so live for the moment and believe its in our power to decide to abstain every day. Smoking is a conscious decision as is not smoking so if we decide we would rather be reformed smokers why should this not be possible longer term just utilise the small step philosophy.

Im managing and find the time I feel the urge to smoke fading to the point it would be madness to start this journey again. Health is something we should cherish not treat as something that is to be taken for granted.

A large thanks to all the members here that have helped me by posting their experiences and encouraged me your help is appreciated.

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Right there with you Graham..feels great doesn't it? Just the thought of having to go through those first few weeks again is incentive enough to keep me off the fags. Looking forward to finishing the 6 months :D


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