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Here we go again!


After 27 years of smoking I am trying again. I have previously tried Zyban in the 90's (made me feel depressed), Champix (made me physically sick) and all the usual NRT paraphernalia in between.

I have read some great stories recently regarding e-cigs. Yesterday I bought an E-Lite which I am getting on ok with but have also ordered a Skycig starter pack online with flavours to try.

A recent bad chest infection, lack of energy and my two very young children have made me want to do it this time.

Looking forward to hearing from those of you both in the same position and also who have successfully managed to kick the habit and can taste their food once again.


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Welcome Johnny!

I am still in the fairly early stages but I have found already that I have lots more energy!

Also my sense of smell has become extremely keen - this was not so great last night when I was driving down a road surrounded by freshly manured fields! :D

But I know my sunday lunches are going to taste and smell soooo much better!

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