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Justabout forgot!


I made it! Three years!!! (as of the 15th)

I have quit quit a few times in the past and some of them for quite a long time, at least a year and once it was 2.5 years!

But... with absolute certainty now, I have not taken even so little as one single puff for THREE whole years!!! no cheating, no sliding, no sneeky little puffs... nothing, nothing but clean air! The longest I have remained smoke free!!!

This was a huge mile stone for me. The mental impact is huge! Now, I'm not repeating steps I've taken before but am treading NEW territory after breaking a barrier I didn't think I would!!

Whew!! I did it! YAY!

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what a brill post to read

Way to go on your 3 years smoke free i am in the same mindset as you and have trod a very similar path


im never going to go down this road again i have gained to much to do that to myself

im in the N.O.P.E group and intend to stay in it

Totally what Carol says, and I am only approaching my 5 month mark,



Congratulations on your wonderful quit it makes very encouraging reading. Thank you

Thank you all for the lovely posts!

I don't come back here too often any more.

From time to time I drop in and try to add words of encouragement for others but the problem is when you spend the time here, you start thinking about cigarettes <sighs>

I enjoy having gotten to the place where I don't think about them, in fact go days at a time and don't think about them. (could be weeks or more I really don't know I don't make a note)

I really enjoy NOT thinking about them, it is a place I had hoped I would be able to reach.

Oh, yea, sure there is the odd time where I think... maybe... but it's like seconds and I'm thinking of something else and have long forgotten them.

I feel bad sometimes, not being here more and offering encouragement but being here puts me in that situation of thinking about little else except cigarettes.

I have a memo reminder that pops up on my computer to remind me to make a post here on my anniversary . Trying to keep in touch with those that were in our little group of quitters when I WAS here on a daily basis, using this site like a life support system.

I hope I don't come across as anti social or ungrateful. I am VERY grateful for this site. I use to spend HOURS reading on here to get me through. (as you can see by my post count I'm not that much of a poster, never was)

All of you who took the time to congratulate me, Thank you very much. I don't know you but can tell, if you are reading about what lies ahead of you (in the 1 year + board), you have the determination I had/have to make it this time!

You have a thirst for it and you are not going to accept defeat. It's not negotiable, not to mention unaffordable lol

Take it a day at a time guys, and soon the years will roll by and your smoking years will become a memory. You WILL be able to forget about it TO THE POINT where if anything does trigger a memory.. in seconds your mind goes to something else that is distracting and it takes you days to realize you were interrupted LOL

I well remember too many times, a year or so ago, where I resigned myself that I was going to go take a couple puffs. Told myself, "Ok, in a minute." Got busy and weeks later realized, Oh yea... LOL

You'll get there ...because you really WANT to!

Thank you all, again and remember N. O. P. E. ;)

Cant wait to get to your time, well done

Great to read your posts today, can't wait to be where you are. Well done :D

Cant wait to get to your time, well done

Great to read your posts today, can't wait to be where you are. Well done :D

Thank you, you WILL get there/here, it just takes a day at a time. Each hour, day, week, month, year gets that much easier. Easier to handle cravings. Easier to get past your dreaded triggers. Easier to forget about it. Easier to just. not. smoke. anymore.

You are able to put it away as easily as you don't go to school anymore or you don't wear that style of clothes anymore or you don't live in that house/flat anymore. It REALLY is like that. Odd to get use to at first but after a while, life moves on and so do you! Oh, every now and again you'll have a memory/flash back about it, maybe even a fond one but you just smile to yourself, take a big deep breath of fresh air and carry on because you don't do that anymore.

You'll do it, you'll see ;)

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