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No Smoking Day
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Wow 1 Month Down

Hi - Well today I have been a non smoker for a month, I'm over the moon to be honest. Facts for me, 630 fags not smoked and £221.56p not spent on them!

Not had any major issues this week, the odd craving but like I have said before not bad just more a thought. What made me laugh my husband hates smoking has never smoked in his life, came home today and had to stop himself saying have you been for a fag, because he could smell fags. The windows were open and someone had walked past the house, but Its funny how he still has a habit of asking if I want one or if I'm going for one. Has anyone else found that people forget you dont smoke.

Two of my mates have stopped smoking and today is day 3 for them, so keep it up girls x

Looking forward to week five, weight this week I have gained but Im ok with it as I know where I have gone wrong. Next week I will have hit week 5 and i will have a loss on the scales at fatties.


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Hi no I'm using patches and find them very good.

Hi max, thanks very much it's mental woke up today and thought god I could just have a fag and a ice cold ginger beer! I'm lucky I only get one day or few hours like this now and again and its better than feeling like most people do every day. But these cravings are nasty things, I won't have one as I won't go to the shop but it's the thought "it's easier to smoke than feel like this" then I fight with it in my head, I think I take these days or hours bad because I don't really get cravings!

Off to get my water and an ice pop :)



Brilliant achievement keep it going Angela


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