No Smoking Day
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WOW the benefits keep coming!!

I was driving down to Bournemouth earlier this week, travelling through the New Forest ( a journey I have travelled many many times over many decades); radio on, minding my own business when POW!!:eek: I had to open my car windows. I was on my own so knew it wasn't a new perfume :D.

The smell, it was so wonderful and fresh.:):) It really did hit me hard. I wish I had been on a road that I could have stopped at the side just to get sweet lung fulls of it.

Everyone says your sense of smell improves but I hadn't really noticed it to this extent before, yes I notice unpleasant smells a lot quicker but to notice the smell of a forest through the car vents...Happy days!!

Next time I shall take a route where I can stop!:D:D

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it sure is brill when you notice something like that



certainly does!!

there is nothing to miss about smoking though :D:D


Great post Trea, how fab are we :D


oh my god,,,85% of quitters fail???

that makes me feel very very smug :-) xxx


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