No Smoking Day
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And onto day three!

Well, finally got here! I honestly thought I would be repeatedly torturing myself with day 1 or 2 forever. Had a day with no cigs on the 3rd Aug, then cut back to a pack roughly every 3-4 days from a pack a day (20) for the week, then none on the 11th or 12th Aug, failure on 13th (is there a message there?!) and this new quit started at around 7.30pm on the 13th August, so, now it is 7.30pm on the 15th I am finally entering day 3!

It has been MUCH easier yesterday and today. I wonder if my blip made me so angry it somehow reset my thinking?! I have not really thought about having a cig today.

As I need to pass the urine test (26th) and have left myself minimum time (eeekkkk) I am drinking a ton of water (around 3-5L a day - I also have a chronic illness which requires high water intake, so this is pretty normal for me), been drinking more cranberry juice, and taking a super strong multivitamin. Hoping this, along with the increase in temperature (we are up in the 80s again finally) thus sweating, will get rid of the metabolites for me! Luckily I am pretty skinny (UK size 8-10) so hoping there are not too many fat cells for cotinine to hide in! Going be starting running on Saturday and ordered an online test to check for myself!

Will kick myself if my weakness and false starts cost me a job.

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Hey hun glad you got through to day 3 :)

you sound like your doing all the right things just be wary or not drinking too much cranberry juice unless your mixing it with water

i do hope you pass the test and get the job :D


Carol x


Thanks Carol! I am still here and going fine, got up and had my coffee before even thinking of a cig - and it was just a thought, not a crave!

I am not drinking too much cranberry, but it is good for me as I have problems remembering to eat, so I think the juice is helping with my sugar levels!


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