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But this site helped loads in the beginning so thank you all for your help then.

I am at the 9 week stage now and my cravings have been getting worse recently, not sure if that is because I am not working at the mo and I have settled here in Fremantle for the time being on my travels, which obviously means not a great deal of money to do things to keep me occupied.

I thought I would of been over the cravings by now! Anyone else still get them after this amount of time? When do they go away?

Thanks guys, nice to meet you all!

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Hello there :D

First of welcome to this wonderful place





That is such a great first post :)

what your going through is what most people go through when they have been quit for a period of time is that your smoking demon inside you that has been quiet for a while suddenly wants attention again :eek: so is sending out messages to you i want a ciggy or i need a ciggy sort of thing

i used to think of mine smoking demon as a child who used to have screaming tantrums some times or just annoying whinging cries

the best way i found was to just ignore it and find something to distract my mind till it passes

and it will

also what you now think of as smoking is not real its another way your smoking demon tries to tempt you back it basically lies if you still feel like you want to smoke pick up someones butt and take a whiff or stand next to someone that is smoking and smell what they are like and it will soon let you know that its disgusting it will also tempt you with thoughts that one wont hurt again big fat lies

you are on the right path to freedom

so keep on trucking as they say

onwards and upwards is the only way to go tooo


its a great place to be thats for sure





Thanks very much Carol, it means a lot, not just the words you said but the time you took to write the response so thank you again!

It's funny, the thought of smoking actually makes me feel sick. But at the same time it feels like it would lift this weight off from my shoulders, like it would be a massive release.

Please don't get me wrong, I have gone 9 weeks now and had these feelings before, so I am not about to go and light up, I just wanna know when it starts to get a bit easier!

How long was it for you before the cravings started to leave completely?

By the way, just a little fyi for everyone, Australia in the winter is just as depressing as UK. Sure its no where near as cold but it seems to rain a lot more than the aussies let on!


your more then welcome hun

just remember smoking has been a big part of your life and your basically trying to live your life now without smoking so your having to retrain your mind it does take time but it will get easier to do the further along your quit you go

everyone is different but what your going through is common i used to think that those sort of thoughts especially the silly ones when i didnt want to smoke but wanted one was very strange and to confusing but they are natural as i found out after finding this place

you just have to go with it and keep telling yourself that smoking isnt part of your life anymore and more importantly that it takes time to beat it

again that smoking side of you is trying to use anything it can to try and get you to smoke and will confuse you

when you feel like you cant go on come on here and read some of the posts in the help section or the tip section plus some of members have links to sites in there posts

ive included one for you to have a look at as i dont want to ovewhelm you too much as its broken into sections

this has helped alot of people so have a look through and you may well find some helpful tips

onwards and upwards is the only way to go


Thanks again guys all good advice.

I have just had 3 days sitting at home applying for jobs on the internet on my own while my partner goes out working so they have been hard but I have come through them ok.

I didnt help myself at first. I replaced cigs with coffee for the 1st 2 weeks of giving up, which just meant i was awake longer which meant i craved more. Then i found myself getting addicted to coffee so I had to give that up completely as well.

Kinda funny looking back on it now...


Ahhh but coffee in moderation is better for you then smoking

i could never give it up though :eek: its the substance that gets me awake in the morning but i do make sure i dont have anymore from the afternoon onwards


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