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Hi guys,

How are you all? The time in between each visit seems to be stretching out longer than I thought it would :( I must remember to set myself a reminder so that I get on here more often!

Well I've recently started Slimming World. Unfortunately I piled on the pounds when I quit smoking, as I wasn't strict with what I snacked on. I decided that I would allow myself to eat the things I wanted, to compensate for "giving up" something else.

And I have to say that method worked very well for me :) I feel that allowing my diet to take this change over the last few months (basically eating what I want, when I want) was a huge factor in staying away from the dirty cigs, at least in the beginning.

So I am ready and perfectly happy to be paying for it now. I was never really concerned with my diet, but I probably should have been. Fruit and veg weren't a major factor, whereas snacks definately were! It was only going to be so long before I needed to make the change anyway!! :rolleyes:

It's a big change to how I would usually eat (anything at any time!), but my first week is going well so far. I've chosen to join a local group, as communicating with other people seemed to be an advnatage when I stopped smoking. I'm hoping the same will work here ;)

I'm just glad that I can still have snacks and the odd takeaway, because I couldn't manage without them!!

Speak soon fellow non-smokers! x

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I used to do Slimming World, I've got a load of the books for shopping in specific shops, etc - if you want them I'll happily post them your way!:)

Awww, thanks. That would be a massive help!

I'm on the Extra Easy plan, so all of my pasta, potatoes, meats (as long as you have trimmed all visible fat), fruit and veg are free. I get two healthy extras per day and up to 15 syns a day.

It's definately an adjustment but I think preperation is the key. If I can find a good balance then I don't see why I would need to go hungry! :D x


Now then!

Diets are great, well eating sensibly, excercise etc... great

Where I struggle is the support group structure of these sorts of things, is it that we need to be told what surely we already know? There is much familiar between smoking and eating, rewards from the brain are similar I thought so why does somebody who has potentially just cold turkeyed the fags need this sort of thing? The will power is there, so why pay somebody to tell you each week that eating 6 creme eggs is probably something you want to do after you get on the scales?

Perhaps it is more emotive? I really dont know.

For what it is worth I have joined the Ed's eat less and park the car further away diet plan, not working yet, but there are too many fruit splits left for me to eat :(

Usually my way of losing weight would be to cut down a little and run. I joined a gym a few weeks after quitting smoking and also tried to manage what I was eating a little better.

Unfortunately I'm struggling to exercise at the moment (apart from walking), because of a problem with my hips. It means that I suffer quite a lot of pain when I run or do any type of cardio using legs/hips etc.

So I have actually gained more weight from going to the gym, as I've been using the machines to tone but haven't really had any cardio involved. I don't enjoy swimming, otherwise that would be a perfect form of cardio exercise. Also, I have totally failed with the dieting and haven't really got myself into a good routine of eating healthily.

So I decided to join a slimming world group near me. Partly because I need to be more strict with my every day diet and learn to have more structure with eating, and also becasue I found that the group thing really worked for me when I quit smoking.

Having people to encourage and praise was a great feeling and the advice/support you receive is really helpful.

I could say that I begrudge paying someone to tell me how to live a healthy life (which I can do myself), but then again I was paying £30.00 per month to go to a gym and I didn't lose any weight.

Definately worth a try in my book :)


Hi Sarah Lou, I do slimming world too it's really good, I'm old way still always on red days but it works for me with having PCOS so carbs do not like me. Iv been sticking to it this time as while I'm stopping as ten years ago I replaced fags with food and in twelve weeks I gained loads. So this time I'm being good with food. Keep at it and it will work, follow the plan it does work.


One of my former employees runs a couple of Slimming World groups. She still does holiday cover work for us (she left to be her mum's carer) To be honest she's not the best advert as she just yoyo's but many people seem to do really well on it.

The Rosemary Connelly diet used to do well for Mrs F it basically requires that what you cook is <4% fat, she produces various recipes and meals but that's the principle.

Exercise is IMO the best thing and having quit you are better able to do it.


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